Gold Investment

Capital Finserve Limited provide investment facility to help the customers in their urgent situations against gold and gold jewellery without having to sell them. We should provide best value for your gold at that emergency situation .If you can invest gold then we can help you at the right time. Investing gold is one of the best choice among all others , because we can give you maximum cash credit of your aurous. It may help you to fulfil your urgency needs that unexpectedly came.

When life's anxieties drag you alone ,you can approach us !! Walk into our world around offices ,you can find your right choice to get the guaranteed financial services and to entrust your hard-earned valuables and secure the maximum loan against it. Enjoy the benefits of flexible repayment plans and customised policies. Experience the touch of gold and let us find solutions to your needs.


Our Features

  • Hassle free documentation and instant cash in just minutes.
  • Best value for your Gold.
  • Repayment options at all branches.
  • All branches are under CCTV surveillance.
  • No processing fees.
  • Preserve your precious jewellery by availing a loan instead of selling it.