Money Transfer

Around world, from anywhere our customers can transfer their money to their beloved ones. The Capital Finserve Money Transfer brought you to a world of networks where you can recieve your money safely , and we have the association with almost all the main money transfer companies. members of yours who lived in abroad ,your busines interests are may span in many countries ,and both your financial and real-estate assets are likely to be international. So you need a service that works effectively across borders and time zones. In keeping with Capital finserve's role as a key financial Centre in the region, plays an active role in international and regional zone, contributing to discussions on maintaining global financial stability and shaping international financial regulatory reforms.


Our Features

  • Quick and hassle-free money transfers
  • No service charges to receive
  • RBI approved
  • No requirement of bank account for receiving up to Rs. 50,000
  • Service accessibility from over 4,200 above branches across India